Hello.. My name is Mike and I would like to welcome you to my new site. If you are here there is a good chance you already know me. If not, then I hope you enjoy the site.

UPDATE: All of the info written below is from late 2008. I had the surgery March 2009 and have lost over 180lbs. Read my thoughts in 2008 below and be sure to see the many blog entries from 2008 to today.

A little about me: Over the last few years I have been looking into different weight loss surgeries (aka WLS). About a year ago, I was leaning toward the Lap-Band procedure until I happened across a video on the Internet showing how a completely different procedure had incredible results. The procedure is called the Mini-Gastric Bypass (MGB) and has some interesting benefits over the Lap-Band. If you are thinking about having a Lap-Band I would highly suggest you do some research on the MGB by searching the Internet and/or visiting the "Mission Links" to the left. You may come to the same conclusion I did and decide to have the MGB.

This brings me to why I decided to create this web site.. I wanted to have a place where my friends and family could keep up with my progress as I go forward . I also believe this site may help others who are looking for weight loss surgery. If it were not for the many people that have had the MGB who shared their experiences I would not be as informed as I am today. Therefore, I hope this will be my way of giving back and helping someone else.

I hope to have the MGB procedure first quarter 2009 but I decided to start this site now as much of the process in deciding and going through WLS is pre-operative. A good example of this is shown with the doctor who developed the MGB and will be performing my procedure: Dr. Robert Rutledge. He has an extensive (and required) application process in which the prospective patient must do a good amount of research and then write papers on specific topics regarding WLS and the MGB. As someone who is not fond of writing research papers, I know it will be a challenge, however, I know it will be well worth the time and effort involved. I believe it is a good indication that you have chosen the right doctor if emphasis is made on the patient's knowledge and continued success.. Stay tuned for what I call "MISSION POSSIBLE II".

Update: I had my surgery March 11, 2009 so if you are new to this blog you will want to START ON THIS PAGE at the BOTTOM.


Mike, great blog. Your email address caught my eye so I just had to check it out. I will subscribe! Enjoy the ride.

Ellen in Mississauga, On. Canada
29/8/08 Dr. P

January 11, 2009 at 5:46 PM  

Hey Mike-
We are all so excited for you and can't wait till you are back in College Station. Kate was talking about her "Uncle Monkey" tonight while we were getting ready for bed.

We Love you and we are sooooo Happy for you!

Josh, Elizabeth, kate & Kameryn

March 10, 2009 at 10:01 PM  

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