11 Months... 173 lbs lost. 1 Year Anniversary in less than 30 days.

Yes, staggering to say the least. I believed but never imagined I would lose so much weight and now I feel fantastic.

2 more pounds and I will have lost 1/2 of my self.. 50% gone is absolutely amazing.. The weight loss has slowed quite a bit but I think 2lbs is possible at this point.

Food Report: I can eat whatever I want without any problems. I do not like fried foods anymore and try to stay away from the foods Dr. Rutledge says to avoid (coffee, alcohol, etc) but I can and do eat anything else.

Scroll down for pictures from December 2009. I have lost 13lbs since then so new pics are coming soon.

My wedding is coming up so this will be exciting times.

This part should be on every post I make:

A Special Humongous Thank you.. goes to God thru the hands of Dr. Rutledge and his staff Jennifer, Trish and Sandy. I would do it all over again and still look back and think how amazing their whole procedure is to me. I can't wait to see them again to thank them in person..

See My MGB Scale which is a graphical chart of my weight loss to date.

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