My vacation to California last week was very nice and filled with MGB moments as you can read below. My family was incredibly excited to see me at 100lbs less than I saw them at my surgery date just over 3 months ago.

I am now back in Texas and have had nice weight loss this week while I have also been increasing the amount of food I am able to eat. Today I am 107lbs down and on my way to my goal weight.

How EXCITING is this? VERY!

See My MGB Scale which is a graphical chart of my weight loss to date.

My Brother and I took our ladies to the Beach House Restaurant in San Diego. I had the Seafood Salad and was able to eat most of it before I got really full. I then made everyone else happy by sharing my dinner so they could taste the delicious crab, lobster, scallops, squid and shrimp that was in my salad.

Afterwards we went down to seal beach located in La Jolla and took some photos. It was very overcast but the view was still pretty nice. Climbing on the rocks and going up and down stairs was not a problem even though I think I am a little sore from the Disneyland adventure. I have unoffically lost another 3 lbs since arriving in California. I believe this will be the first time ever that I have lost weight while on vacation. Stay tuned for the official MGB weigh in when I return to Texas.

My Brother's Boxer, Rocco and I went for walk this morning to the park near my parent's house. He is very well trained and does amazing on the leash. We went about a mile or two and it sure feels good to be lighter on my feet.

I gave Rocco to my nephews last year and he has his own web site featuring his adventures. My two Boxers: Vito and Carmella are his parents and are very proud of him.

Here are some web sites:

Disneyland was a blast.. we spent the entire day going on rides, shows and taking in the wonderful So Cal weather. 100lbs ago I would get tired walking through a grocery store.. NOW, a much lighter me at 250lbs means I am able to go all day long walking through the park and taking in all the rides. That does not mean I was not tired... We all were pretty exhausted but we did go non-stop for about 10hrs.

MGB Notes about the food at Disneyland.. Most of the food is not that great for you (burgers, pizza, fries..etc..) BUT I was happy to see that they had fruit trays available and they were very good and filling. Mine had watermelon, cantaloupe, grapes, pineapple, honeydew melon, strawberries and apples. I made sure I had my salt and drank lots of liquids.

As a sidenote: If you plan on going to Disneyland and want to save a bundle$ on tickets send me an email and I will share a ticket secret with you. We saved over $250 on our six tickets!

Here is our photo with Minnie Mouse:

Definitely the highlight and reason for my trip to California.. was to see my Parents and my Brother's family.

Here I am surprising my Parents at the door when I told them to look for a UPS package that should be waiting for them at their front door. The package turned out to not be from UPS but from Texas. Mom and Dad were definitely surprised and were amazed at the more than 100lb weight loss since I had not seen them since the surgery.

Our last stop before meeting up with my Brother was to Hollywood where we visited the famous Grauman's Chinese Theatre. While there we took many photos of the famous foot & hand prints left there over the years by famous actors as well as stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The prints below belong to Al Pacino from 1997. I also got pics of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sophia Loren, Sly Stallone, Will Smith and of course Donald Duck. We saw the stars of Mickey Mouse, Robin Williams and William Shatner. Engage!

After we landed we decided to see some sights before we met up with my Brother to continue on to our Parent's house. The pier at Santa Monica was beautiful and we walked all over taking in the amazing California weather (about 65 degrees and sunny). The pier had many shops and people sight-seeing. The view up the coast was nice and the beach had the kind of sand you do not find in Texas.

Next stop is Hollywood!

MGB Moments here we come.. This moment was brought to you by the seatbelts on American Airlines flight to LAX. How comfy and spacious they are now that I have lost over 100lbs. No more seat belt extenders here. The flight was great and I can tell there will be plenty more MGB Mike updates on this trip so stay tuned!

ps. My parents have no idea I am coming to see them.. What a cool surprise!

Drumroll Please...

I celebrated a huge MGB milestone this week by entering triple digits with my weight loss. Yes, after only three months since surgery, I have now lost 100lbs. Coincidentially, I am travelled to California this week to visit my Parents and Brother's family. We will be going to Disneyland and I can try out my new 100lb weight loss while exploring the park. Feet don't fail me now!

See My MGB Scale which is a graphical chart of my weight loss to date.

I am almost into TRIPLE DIGITS with the pounds lost and I am still amazed.  Now 92 lbs down I feel great.  To recap..  I have eaten pretty well in the last week, spent some time swimming and have worked out a few times with my trainer.

The magic 100 lbs is only 8 lbs away.

See My MGB Scale which is a graphical chart of my weight loss to date.

For those that did not see yesterdays post (but should read below) Carol & I went to the L' Auberge Du Lac Casino in Lake Charles Louisiana last weekend. This trip had many MGB moments so this is the second part in the series of "MGB to Go!" blog updates..

On Sunday morning the sun was out, the weather was nice and it was time for some brunch. I did not know what to expect or where we were going (Carol was in charge). Not being hungry much anymore I no longer wake up and think "what can I eat!?". We ended up going to the Le Beaucoup Buffet at the casino.

But Mike.. A food buffet? what are you thinking!!

I thought the same thing but wanted to be a team player. "Be strong" I told myself.. You see, this is another MGB Moment as I have not been to a buffet since well before surgery for many reasons as you can imagine. The dining portion of their web site speaks of the buffet thusly, "If variety is the spice of life, get ready to live large" and I find that very amusing... I don't want to live large!

Now on to my MGB Experience.. the food was as plentiful as it was amazing.. I can tell how much I have been re-food-programmed because I no longer bee-lined to the Chicken Fried Steak or anything that resembled fried or greasy foods. I amazingly stuck to the salads, fruit, fish, crab legs, shrimp, veggies and more.. I ate tiny portions of lots of stuff and chewed real well. I may have gone overboard a little and felt "semi-uncomfortable" for about 15min afterwards but I definitely outdid myself with the healthier side of buffet eating. Desert was watermelon and some pudding. I wonder what my weight will be later this week? Those of you who are following closely may be surprised.

Overall MGB Mike Report from L' Auberge Du Lac
1) The pool = thumbs up!
2) The buffet = thumbs up!

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