6 Months Out.. here I am at 143lbs lost. WOW is the word I say the most these days when I get on the scale. It sure beats the other words I used to say when I would happen to meet up with a scale at the doctor's office.. I belive "Oh, Man!" or "Really?" would be at the top of the list..

New Jeans Report.. I know I keep teasing the subject on new jeans but I still have not gone to the store yet so I will stop making predictions on when this will occur. I think part of me wants to bypass the size "36" and go straight to the "34"s.

The Food... I am pleased to report I have been able to eat more different kinds of foods that I have not been real comfortable eating in the past which is good. I still eat small portions and watch the fat intake and I am not really into breads. The fried foods are still not anything I desire. More on food soon..

See My MGB Scale which is a graphical chart of my weight loss to date.

MGB Labor Day

Labor day weekend was amazing and Carol and I spent it doing some DIY upgrading the house.. We had Hardie siding installed all over the house and it looks amazing. We then got exhausted removing both of the old decks (probably 700 sqft) ourselves in preparation for the new super-sized deck that is now under construction.

My new journey is now at almost 6 months and what a live change it has been. My limitations are no longer based upon what I can do because of my weight.. I am up on the roof, sledge hammering the old deck and moving trailers full of deck boards and support beams where they need to be installed.

The photo above is of Carol and me holding old wood siding that came off the house. The ones below are during the deck demolition.

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