6 Months Out.. here I am at 143lbs lost. WOW is the word I say the most these days when I get on the scale. It sure beats the other words I used to say when I would happen to meet up with a scale at the doctor's office.. I belive "Oh, Man!" or "Really?" would be at the top of the list..

New Jeans Report.. I know I keep teasing the subject on new jeans but I still have not gone to the store yet so I will stop making predictions on when this will occur. I think part of me wants to bypass the size "36" and go straight to the "34"s.

The Food... I am pleased to report I have been able to eat more different kinds of foods that I have not been real comfortable eating in the past which is good. I still eat small portions and watch the fat intake and I am not really into breads. The fried foods are still not anything I desire. More on food soon..

See My MGB Scale which is a graphical chart of my weight loss to date.


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