This my third official weigh-in and I don't seem to be slowing down with the weight loss yet.. I am now 62 lbs down and feel fantastic. See My MGB Scale which is a graphical chart of my weight loss to date.

This post will answer some of the questions about what I have been eating since surgery. I have only recently added non-liquid items to the diet VERY SLOWLY.. I have listed them here just so that others thinking about surgery will know what to expect in the 3rd-4th week post-op.

The hunger I felt before surgery is now completely GONE. I have to remind myself to eat now. So, when you read below keep in mind I am simply eating for nutrition and because it is dinner time, etc.. The days of eating as a sport are gone but I do want to get back to eating with friends as a social gathering.. it will just take a while before I can eat more different types of foods. NO COMPLAINTS HERE!

Foods I have had very little trouble eating:

Too many to list but all were very brothy.

I will list the memorables here:
- lipton chicken noodle in box (best ever)
- campbells soup at hand (convenient, not best taste)
- Jason's Deli - Fire Roasted Tomato (wow)
- Miso Soup

Yogurts & Puddings:
- danactive
- activia
- HEB Active
- vanilla instant pudding (sugar free and regular)
- rice pudding
- tapioca pudding

Non Soup Items (recently added to diet):
- 1/4th of one (1) taco bell soft taco
- 1/2 of one (1) chick-fil-a chicken tender
- small bowl orzo pasta with meat sauce
- orange & vanilla dreamsicle pudding
- 1/2 vietnamese spring roll at Pei Wei
- 1/3 children's chicken lo-mein at Pei Wei
- 4 sushimi tuna pieces with rice.
- scrambled eggs with asparagus
- grits with salt
- oatmeal with some brown sugar
- cream of wheat
- avocado half with lemon
- small salad with dressing
- very small piece baked tilapia (yum)
- baked chicken leg
- split Pea Soup
- one very small bite of a ribeye steak
- a few asparagus stalks
- carrot, celery, beet, apple juice
- no-sugar added fruit popsicles

I will add more to this list as I go..

This my second official weigh-in and I have hit two new MGB Milestones in less than one month from surgery. The first milestone is I am now at 50lbs lost so far and the second is I am now under 300lbs. Both are exciting and I will post more weigh-ins once a month from here on with the exception of any MGB Milestones.

On a related note, look for new sections of the site starting soon called My MGB Closet and My MGB Scale which will cover clothing and weight changes that can be easily clicked on to see the status in those sections..

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