Hey Mike, what can you eat?

This post will answer some of the questions about what I have been eating since surgery. I have only recently added non-liquid items to the diet VERY SLOWLY.. I have listed them here just so that others thinking about surgery will know what to expect in the 3rd-4th week post-op.

The hunger I felt before surgery is now completely GONE. I have to remind myself to eat now. So, when you read below keep in mind I am simply eating for nutrition and because it is dinner time, etc.. The days of eating as a sport are gone but I do want to get back to eating with friends as a social gathering.. it will just take a while before I can eat more different types of foods. NO COMPLAINTS HERE!

Foods I have had very little trouble eating:

Too many to list but all were very brothy.

I will list the memorables here:
- lipton chicken noodle in box (best ever)
- campbells soup at hand (convenient, not best taste)
- Jason's Deli - Fire Roasted Tomato (wow)
- Miso Soup

Yogurts & Puddings:
- danactive
- activia
- HEB Active
- vanilla instant pudding (sugar free and regular)
- rice pudding
- tapioca pudding

Non Soup Items (recently added to diet):
- 1/4th of one (1) taco bell soft taco
- 1/2 of one (1) chick-fil-a chicken tender
- small bowl orzo pasta with meat sauce
- orange & vanilla dreamsicle pudding
- 1/2 vietnamese spring roll at Pei Wei
- 1/3 children's chicken lo-mein at Pei Wei
- 4 sushimi tuna pieces with rice.
- scrambled eggs with asparagus
- grits with salt
- oatmeal with some brown sugar
- cream of wheat
- avocado half with lemon
- small salad with dressing
- very small piece baked tilapia (yum)
- baked chicken leg
- split Pea Soup
- one very small bite of a ribeye steak
- a few asparagus stalks
- carrot, celery, beet, apple juice
- no-sugar added fruit popsicles

I will add more to this list as I go..


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