MGB Update 2015

Howdy!! Yes, it has been a while and I am now just updating the site after a long time.. I am happy to report that all is fantastic and I am still keeping the weight off. As of my last update in the summer of 2013 I have gained approx 4 lbs and am now 175. The energy levels are good and I am enjoying my new life as a thinner person. NONE of this was or would have been possible without DR. ROBERT RUTLEDGE and his amazing talents that are obviously a gift from God. Thank God for Dr. Rutledge. While I may not update this site I am constantly reminded of how my life is different than it had been for approx 40yrs up until my MGB surgery. If anyone needs any information about my journey I suggest you read my web site and either ask me via email or contact Dr. Rutledge to get your life back.

Thank you Dr. Rutledge.. My family thinks of you more often than you will ever know and I call you only a fraction of the time to say hello and thank you.

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