What a year... Again I find myself thinking of how amazing it has been and how Dr. Rutledge has saved my live and then made it better than I ever thought it could be.. I have lost an amazing 178lbs and feel fantastic. I have had no complications other than I seem to like nice clothes now and enjoy shopping for clothes! Nothing I could write here can express what transformation I have had.. I am able to do everything I could not before, my eating is now second nature and I am able to enjoy all kinds of food I never thought I would be able to eat again.. just smaller portions and I am staying away from a few foods that dont agree with me.. Heavy sugar foods (cake and such) and fried foods are still not my favorite.

I am looking forward to getting married in April and will do my best to keep this site updated. I see now why some MGB patients dissapear online because they find a LIFE out there that is now AMAZING as a thinner person..

If you or someone you know is considering weight loss surgery I would highly recommend doing your due dilligence and then contacting Dr. Robert Rutledge. You will not regret the changes your life will have but you may regret not taking the plunge. Visit them online: www.clos.net

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