These before/after photos can be a bit scary and this one is no exception. 160lbs later and I look like a different person. I dont know if you have ever seen the commercial where the dog walks by the mirror then stops and goes back to look again? Well I do this all the time now because it is hard to believe. I thank God for such great success with this journey.. I know I say it here all the time but it is like a gift that keeps giving every single day. I know that someday I will be used to the difference and the little things will no longer be so incredible but I have not made it there yet and I am in no rush to get there.. It is Still Amazing!

I don't know if Dr. Robert Rutledge is able to checkout this web site much as I am sure he is busy saving peoples lives but I hope he knows how much I appreciate him along with his girls: Sandy, Trish and Jennifer.

This is my good friend Paul and he says he is still blown away at the changes in the last 9 months. Paul has been a good friend and support person and I am happy to have him on my web site.

Merry Christmas Everyone! Last year I was unable to help the real Santa Claus at a local Christmas party because i could not fit into the Santa Suit. Let me repeat that.. I could not fit into the Santa Suit. I must admit, I was very large and the suit was not what I would call a larger Santa suit so there you go. This year was different as I was able to suit up and help Santa deliver joy to the children. Here you see me and I am pretty jolly about my new size. Next year I hope to have Carol as Mrs. Santa Claus too!

Whoa Nelly...

Coming up on 9 Months out! My eating ability has increased and my weight loss has slowed down but this week I surged another few pounds to get to the magical 190! From here I believe we may be getting close to the bottom as I do not think there is much else that can be lost without doing some extreme sports. After the first of the year that is the plan. Until then, I am enjoying all kinds of new clothes and a Christmas season to remember. I have an airplane flight coming up and this one will be the most drastic change yet so watch the blog for live up-to-date coverage of My First MGB Christmas! No more extended seat belts or uncomfortable airplane seats.. I may even be able to use my LAPtop computer in my new LAP. imagine that!

God bless to all and thank you for being such a great support system for me.. I want to tell everyone who is very overweight to look into the MGB because it is like having a new life.. I cannot imagine living @ 350lbs any more than I did.. 190 is fine by me.

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