These before/after photos can be a bit scary and this one is no exception. 160lbs later and I look like a different person. I dont know if you have ever seen the commercial where the dog walks by the mirror then stops and goes back to look again? Well I do this all the time now because it is hard to believe. I thank God for such great success with this journey.. I know I say it here all the time but it is like a gift that keeps giving every single day. I know that someday I will be used to the difference and the little things will no longer be so incredible but I have not made it there yet and I am in no rush to get there.. It is Still Amazing!

I don't know if Dr. Robert Rutledge is able to checkout this web site much as I am sure he is busy saving peoples lives but I hope he knows how much I appreciate him along with his girls: Sandy, Trish and Jennifer.

This is my good friend Paul and he says he is still blown away at the changes in the last 9 months. Paul has been a good friend and support person and I am happy to have him on my web site.


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