The Lapband Chronicles

Here are the resources that helped me in my decision against getting the Lapband. I compared these results to personal experiences with real people who had the Lapband and I am convinced the Lapband is not for me.

Lapband Patients That Inspired Me:
This man has the most compelling reasons against the Lapband. I know not all people will feel this way but I can relate to his experiences and feelings and I appreciate how he has shared them to help others. I hope to someday meet this man.

- Giovanni (1week)
- Giovanni (45days)
- Giovanni (3months)
- Giovanni (6months)
- Giovanni (10months part 1)
- Giovanni (10months part 2)

- More Patient Videos

Lapband related videos:
- Dr Rutledge and the LapBand 1 (video)
- Dr Rutledge and the LapBand 2 (video)
- Dr Rutledge and the LapBand 3 (video)
- Dr. Rutledge's Web Site


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