It is summertime and more than a few months since my last post. I am doing great and have been enjoying life as a thinner person. Over two years later and I am still under 169lbs which means I have lost more than 180lbs and have kept the weight off. I have found myself splurging as you can see in the photo here.. my daughter and I are having an ice cream picnic at Sonic. I can't eat lots of ice cream or I may feel just a tad uncomfortable.. not many foods make me feel this way. My wife would say I have been testing all of them :)

As far as the summer heat goes I find it is not uncomfortable as a slim person.. it was horrible at 350lbs.

To the person(s) reading this blog who are thinking of weight loss surgery I say to you: This can be one of the most important decisions you may make in your life. It could mean years or even decades of extra time with your loved ones. It can also mean you spend this time absolutely ecstatic! amazed and thrilled that you have a new life. This all happened to me and I am very blessed. YOU must do your homework and study what surgery you should have for your particular weight problem. Some methods just don't work "as advertised" and it seems many insurance covered methods are not great choices but people pick them anyhow because of the coverage. Investigate the MGB at This is not time to pick the 2nd best procedure with the 3rd best doctor closest to where you live. You are not buying a car and selecting a dealership! In my expert opinion I picked the #1 procedure and the #1 doctor: Dr. Robert Rutledge because of his experience and track record of the MGB. Any doctor with over 5,000 surgeries and the data to back it up is who I put my faith in... I bet many people could say "Going to Nevada in March 2009 was a big LOSS for me.." Well, I was not gambling in Vegas, It was not even a gamble. My payout was an 180lb weight loss.. Don't gamble with your weight loss surgery.. Study and learn.

Good luck to you!

Now you know why I SCREAM: MGB!

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