It is now time to update my blog for what I am now calling the Food and Clothing Report.

New Jeans Report: I am now wearing 34's and will be looking at buying some 32's very soon as the 34's are kinda loose. For shirts I am now a LARGE or XL. It was very good that I did not purchase too many size 36 jeans as they are now almost unwearable especially without a belt. Speaking of my belt it now has 4 new holes and I the end of my belt wraps all the way around the back of me.. This is too fantastic!! Now my problems deal with clothes that are TOO BIG to wear. I can live with this problem for sure.

The Food Report: I hope Dr. Rutledge is not reading this part of the post but lately I have been eating anything at all.. even the stuff I am supposed to stay away from. I have had Wings N More which has yummy buffalo style wings and I have been eating lots of other amazing foods like pasta and rice. I am still staying away from breads because they fill me up faster than I would like and then I can't partake in other foods. The quantity of food I can eat has increased 2x in the last 2 months so I am surprised that I am still losing weight..

While this is not related to food I thought it important to include a section on Pain Meds: In case you did not know, Dr. Rutledge highly suggests NOT having any Acetaminophen, Aspirin or Motrin (Ibuprofen) due to the new stomach and such. The old me worried about this because I took this stuff occasionally and did not know how I could deal with not having them when needed. The good news is I can honestly say I have not had any of this stuff since I left Henderson Nevada in March. I just don't have headaches like I used to have prior to surgery. As far as muscle pain is concerned, I do have more since I am using my muscles more than I used to but I stay away from these items to follow the good Doctor's advice. If I were to quote my Dad the muscle pain now is more of a "Good Hurt" because I am using my muscles instead of an exhausted and worn out hurt when I was overweight.


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