I would have never thought this would ever happen to me even with the surgery but I have just joined the Under 200lbs club at 198lbs!

Yes, I have now lost an incredible 152lbs and feel amazing.. I feel so good about my weight now it is enjoyable posting my ACTUAL weight (198) as well as my weight lost (152) right on this site! I am now closing in on the the size I was in high school and this is getting crazy! I am a little embarrassed to say that I saved much of my clothes over the last 20 years and now have RETRO clothes from the 80's that are back in style again.. Heck, Polo shirts and jackets never go out of style! I am now a size LARGE instead of 4X LARGE so I am enjoying the clothes without the costs!

Now that I have hit this MGB Moment Milestone I will be doing a NEW "After II" photo soon so keep watching for it.


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