For those that did not see yesterdays post (but should read below) Carol & I went to the L' Auberge Du Lac Casino in Lake Charles Louisiana last weekend. This trip had many MGB moments so this is the second part in the series of "MGB to Go!" blog updates..

On Sunday morning the sun was out, the weather was nice and it was time for some brunch. I did not know what to expect or where we were going (Carol was in charge). Not being hungry much anymore I no longer wake up and think "what can I eat!?". We ended up going to the Le Beaucoup Buffet at the casino.

But Mike.. A food buffet? what are you thinking!!

I thought the same thing but wanted to be a team player. "Be strong" I told myself.. You see, this is another MGB Moment as I have not been to a buffet since well before surgery for many reasons as you can imagine. The dining portion of their web site speaks of the buffet thusly, "If variety is the spice of life, get ready to live large" and I find that very amusing... I don't want to live large!

Now on to my MGB Experience.. the food was as plentiful as it was amazing.. I can tell how much I have been re-food-programmed because I no longer bee-lined to the Chicken Fried Steak or anything that resembled fried or greasy foods. I amazingly stuck to the salads, fruit, fish, crab legs, shrimp, veggies and more.. I ate tiny portions of lots of stuff and chewed real well. I may have gone overboard a little and felt "semi-uncomfortable" for about 15min afterwards but I definitely outdid myself with the healthier side of buffet eating. Desert was watermelon and some pudding. I wonder what my weight will be later this week? Those of you who are following closely may be surprised.

Overall MGB Mike Report from L' Auberge Du Lac
1) The pool = thumbs up!
2) The buffet = thumbs up!


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