After Surgery

The surgery occurred at about 9am PST and took only 37 minutes. When I awoke I was already in my hospital room. The new anesthesia medicine Dr. Rutledge uses has dramatically fewer side effects over normal anesthesia. Because of this, I felt great, had no headache and was in a great mood. I did, however, have a side effect where I was hallucinating and asking my Mom where my laptop computer was over and over again and did not comprehend that the surgery had happened already. I also found out later that I was singing "opera style" to the nurses and staff in the recovery room for an extended amount of time. I talked to two people who heard me and they said it sounded like Italian opera singing but both agreed it was not necessarily unpleasant to the ears.

This picture was taken 7hrs after surgery. So far it has been a piece of cake. Cake? did anyone say Cake?


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