Mission Control Online

Yea! We made it to our destination: Henderson, Nevada which is just outside Las Vegas and my temporary Mission Control Center. I am already online at the hotel and as I type this my Mother is organizing "the soups".. I am probably not going to like soups ever again.

All is good and tomorrow I meet with the Doc and get the details for Wednesday. Afterwards I will be attending Dr. Rutledge's class (aka Clinic) at about 9am PST (Tuesday). If anyone wants to watch the LIVE broadcast of the clinic you can do so by clicking here. It starts Tuesday @ 9am and can last a few hours. Who knows you may even see me or hear me online!

Thank all of you who have called, texted and emailed.. I am replying as fast as I can. Be sure to keep watching this site as the week progresses. My Mother has been assigned assitant blogger so that the site will have updates from her as well. Ciao!


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