He's my Brother!

He’s not heavy.. he’s my brother. Yes, my awesome brother Anthony came to visit and be a part of my support team. I had hoped I would feel so good that we could have gone sight-seeing to Hoover Dam or to nearby Vegas but it just did not happen. Anthony used his vacation time to be with his big brother spending quality time just walking the halls and making sure I got my meds and exercise when required. He gave my parents a break and I am very thankful that he came to see me. I do have the best brother in the world.. and you can tell from the photo he got the skinny genes. Oh, and I am aware that I look a little rough… I was keeping it real for the photos. It just so happened that Anthony was there for the worst days of my recovery. Thank you God!


We all knew your family was wonderful but this is over the top. i am sorry to say that this bunch of piglets would have at least have to sneek out for pasta while you were sleeping. we can't wait for you to come home and then i can make sure that pasta is fulfilled for at least your mama. I love you honey an dam very proud of you.......

March 16, 2009 at 7:25 AM  

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