MGB Tips: Making Belt Holes

Normally pants falling down is not a good thing but lately I have not minded much as it has become a normal occurrence with losing 88lbs.

I did recently have an incident that made me think about adding additional belt holes to keep my pants up.

On Memorial Day, I did not realize that the garbage truck would be making the normal rounds.. I figured they had the day off too! So, as I heard the truck come down the street and I quickly rolled my trash can to the curb I realized that my pants were down at my knees. I was halfway down the driveway in plain view. My first thought was that the garbage truck was stopping to let me get my can to the curb (how thoughtful) and then, as i neared the curb, I thought they may be stopping to laugh at my situation. With one hand on the trash can and the other on my pants, I eventually hobbled to the curb with the trash and without my pride. Hey, at least my trash was gone and I bet they had a story to tell when they got done that day.

Now that you have the background story here is today’s MGB Lesson: How to add extra holes in your belt. I found that the best way to make extra belt holes is to use a drill. Be careful to put something under your belt when you punch your hole through. A phonebook or piece of wood works well. You don't want extra holes in your kitchen countertop so please stop and ask for help if you are not power-tool authorized. I hope that helps anyone out there that needs to make a few holes in their belt..

I wish you new holes in your belts for making your belt smaller not larger! ciao!


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