MGB Weigh In: 139lbs Lost

Holy Cow.. Here I am again.. my web updates are going slow as I find myself with lots to do as a skinnier person. I am pleased as punch to report that my 6 Month anniversary is in ten days and my total weight loss is an amazing: 139lbs! ShaZAMM!

New Jeans Report.. I never bought the new jeans and have been having fun with people telling me I "seriously need new jeans". The 38's are so baggy I must wear a belt or risk having the "garbage man incident" again.

Labor day weekend is coming up so the updates should kick up a bit.. Ciao!

This part should be on every post I make:

A Special Humongous Thank you.. goes to God thru the hands of Dr. Rutledge and his staff Jennifer, Trish and Sandy. I would do it all over again and still look back and think how amazing their whole procedure is to me. I can't wait to see them again at my 1 year anniversary.

See My MGB Scale which is a graphical chart of my weight loss to date.


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