MGB Merry Christmas!

Wow.. it has been a while since I updated the site and I wanted to update my web site with my current status. I am doing really well and have bounced between 166 and 171 pounds in the last 6 months. I have a good amount of energy and I am still amazed at the progress I have made since March 2009. I can't believe the change and am still looking in the mirror wondering who this new person is staring back at me.

My family and I spent Christmas in some cold weather and I noticed that now that I am 180+ lbs lighter I get colder quicker than I used to be.. I always remember skinny people complaining about the cold and now I see why :)

I hope God blesses you and your family as he has chose to do so in my life. I thank Dr. Rutledge and his great staff for their amazing gift and I look forward to all that this new lease on a new life has in store for me.

God Bless..
MGB Mike


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