I'm Not Playing Games

This MGB Moment is brought to you by: LEVI JEANS

Some of you will relate to this post more than others. This morning, as I was dressing for work, I found myself in a delima that I have never been in before.. You see.. I have spent all of my life dreading getting dressed simply because it was torture to play the "find something that still fits" game.

Today the game is over.. I could not find a dang pair of pants that was SMALL enough for me to wear.. After trying on about 8 pairs of pants, I finally had to just pick one and tighten up the belt as much as it could go.. What a wierd feeling it is to wear pants two sizes larger than necessary. I guess this weekend I will be shopping for some new jeans as I am now smaller than all of the pairs I have. It is a good problem to have indeed.


SOOO cool! And just think...you will have to shop again in a few months! You Rock!!

May 13, 2009 at 4:45 PM  

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