McFriend No More!

This entry is going in the column of MGB Moment and Not too proud at the same time. Yesterday I had the pleasure of driving Carol's little girl to see her Grandparents and she asked me if we could get something to eat.

I have not been to McDonalds since February 2009 so I was reluctant to go but decided I would be strong. As I was ordering thru the drive thru I found myself adding a McFllet of Fish sandwich to the order subconciously.. Just so you know.. the McFillet of Fish was my favorite McD's sandwich despite the fact that I am fully aware that fish are not square..

Ok, now that you have the background info you will be happy to know I could not swallow one bite of the thing. No offense to McD's but I now find the sandwich totally disgusting.. greasy and not in any way tasty. It was just after the one bite that I remembered my discussions with previous MGB patients who said.. "You will discover that the food you ate before will no longer be as pleasing to you as it used to be.. in fact, you may be unable to eat some foods because they will no longer be appealing to you." Well, this is so true.. I am not usually one for "testing the system" but this was one test I am glad I failed.

For those of you who think you will be missing out on that oh-so-favorite foods after your MGB, be aware that you may find yourself reaching for fruit cups, salads and anything not fried afterwards.. The good news is you will make this decision because you no longer like the taste instead of the "I can't eat it because I am on a diet" reason. This MGB stuff really works.

As a sidenote.. McD's does have healthy items on the menu like yogurt, fruit, salads and water.


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