MGB Weigh In: 120lbs Lost

I have had an exciting few weeks since returning to Texas and have done a poor job of keeping this site updated. I have always heard MGB'ers say they keep up with updates and then when they "get a new life" from the loss of their weight they tend to be too busy having fun instead of posting updates.. I will try harder.. life is just so good!

Today my weight loss is at a staggering 120lbs. I am now in size 38 jeans and they are baggy loose to the point where I may need to go to get one size 36 to see if I should just wait for size 34. I don't want to buy too many or they will be too big when I finally hit the mark.

As if this was not exciting enough I have some even more exciting news that I will share with you all soon.. I am in the process of updating this site with the announcement so stay tuned in the next few days.

Every day I think how amazing Dr. Rutledge is and how this procedure has changed my life.. every aspect.. in every way.. Each time I see someone who could benefit from this surgery I want to run up to them and tell them my story... Nobody should have to live like that. There is a way to be thin and feel great without the risk of failure. Go for it!

See My MGB Scale which is a graphical chart of my weight loss to date.


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