MGB Moment: The Proposal

This MGB Moment is the most amazing event that has happened to me since I had surgery and I will remember it for the rest of my life.

The best way to describe what happened is to let you click on the link below to visit my other web site where you will find more info..

I would like to say that Carol has been by my side for some amazing times.. she was there when I was known as "Big Mike" and has been a great co-pilot in the amazing journey as "MGB Mike". Carol, along with my parents, were the supporters I most relied upon as my quest for surgery started and eventually met with great success. I have many family and friends who also provided the much needed support needed before I made the plunge. They all had to see me at my worst and now I feel like a million dollars. When I think about the event you are about to witness I must say it would have been possible as "Big Mike" but so much more enjoyable as "MGB Mike". Way to go Dr. Rutledge!

If you have some time I invite you to see the following site:


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