MGB Weigh In: 128lbs Lost

Yet again.. I am happy to report that I have now lost another 8lbs. My 5 Month anniversary is today and my total weight loss is an amazing: 128lbs!

I will be celebrating 5 months with buying some new jeans. While some may not get so excited about clothes shopping and new pairs of jeans.. I am happy to report that the infamous "size 36 waist" is the next level down and appears to be very possible since the 38's are now baggy. Once size 36 is acheived I will post the news on the site so stay tuned in the next few days.

Helping Others... One of the main goals of this site was to help others who are trying to make a decision about which weight loss surgery to have. If it were not for those who have helped me I would not be doing as well as I am now. I am happy to say I have had a few requests for information lately from people who are looking into the MGB. I hope more people ask me about the MGB because I will talk your ear off.. It has been an amazing 5 months and I have nothing to regret.

Another Huge Thank you.. goes to God thru the hands of Dr. Rutledge and his staff Jenifer, Trish and Sandy. I would do it all over again and still look back and think how amazing their whole process is to me. Why would anyone have a lap-band with a doctor who has done 300+ of them when you could have a much superior weight loss surgery (The MGB) from Dr. Rutledge who has done over 4500+ surgeries. If my success was not enough of a no brainer this info takes the cake.. (no pun intended).

See My MGB Scale which is a graphical chart of my weight loss to date.


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